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Talent & Succession Planning

Talent management is the precursor to Succession Planning. Talent is defined as a capacity for achievement or success; an ability. Competencies undergird talents. Hence, competencies need to be identified for various levels of the organisation whether they be behavioural, functional or technical. P.O.D. applies a well researched web-based tool utilising the 360 concept to create and measure competencies at a normative level. The use of ExecutiveView360 for C-Suite, ManagerView360 for management and PerformanceView360 for junior executives and non-management have been well accepted in the market. For clients who wish a customised version of 360, CustomView360 can be made available.

A combination of Job Evaluation and Competency Management serves as a solid foundation for Succession Planning. This ensures that an organisation can meet its future needs for people to replace retirement or resignation gaps. 'Talent management' is now a common umbrella term for the attraction, identification and development of people with potential. Hence, a leadership 'pipeline' can be systematically generated thus avoiding business disruptions to the company. Critical positions in the company are identified and addressed proactively and also present a career pathway to potentials.

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