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Organizational And Staff Attitude Surveys

Whether you are planning a major strategic overhaul, simply need to analyze a regular working pattern or would like your own surveys processed, consultingtools can offer the ideal customized survey solution for you.

Surveys can be used to pinpoint areas that need development in order to achieve a set of industry quality standards, understand employee concerns and opinion or evaluate a new policy or procedure. Some of the key areas survey's can investigate are:

• Leadership, strategy or resource management
• Employee satisfaction, development or training issues
• Organizational culture, values or behavioral assessment
• Learning, innovation and improvement activities
• Ethical, environmental or public impact

Using our own SurveyView software we can provide detailed reports including a summary and breakdown of survey items according to each sub-category or demographic area. Full color graphical displays can be produced to show strengths and development needs. No matter how large or small your requirement, organizational surveys are available with or without our Consulting Services. Simply contact us with your enquiry.

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