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DISC provides an insight into an individual style that is more than adequate to predict the likely trends of people's behaviour. It does this by evaluating four key dimensions in an individual. At its most basic level, DISC measures four factors of an individual's behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The real power of DISC comes from its ability to interpret the relations between these dimensions. How a high "Influence" person who has an equal high level of "Dominance", will behave differently to an "Influence" individual without that "Dominance". Using this information, DISC can be used to describe a person's general approach, including their motivations and dislikes, strengths and potential risks, and some of the basic assumptions they make about other people. The instrument is internationally used in the areas of Human Resource management, counseling, coaching and consulting. On completion, participants will be accredited as a 'Certified Human Behaviour Consultant'. "The 'Certified Human Behaviour Consultant' title is jointly awarded by 'The Leadership Institute of America' and 'Management Centre of Asia Pte Ltd' " .


We are glad to announce that we have commissioned an updated Asian version of the DISC profiling system. As more and more people in Asia are using the DISC instrument, there is an urgent need to contextualize the DISC within an Asian culture. Management Centre of Asia Pte Ltd has completed the research to customize the DISC and has now created 5 different norms - all of which can be used within Asia . The contextualization of the DISC instrument to an Asian audience will offer greater clarity when comparing Asians with Asians. We remain committed to offer tools that are user friendly and customized within an Asian environment.

Just a quick glance of what you can find in the upgrade of the DISC system:

System Features:
1. Eight languages respondents can answer the questionnaire in:
- English
- Simplified Chinese
- Traditional Chinese
- Bahasa Malaysia
- Bahasa Indonesia
- Japanese
- Thai
- Vietnamese

2. Five Different norms
- Asian
- China
- India
- Singapore
- US

3. System allows for unlimited multiple users

4. No expiry of clicks or reports purchased

5. Customization of invitation and reminder emails

6. Automatic triggering of reminder emails

7. Branding of company logo

8. Uploading of respondents through an excel file.

9. Option to send reports directly to respondents or to administer

10. Ability to mass-build reports.

Realizing the talent of people is a constant priority for organizations. This involves careful attention to Recruitment, Selection, Team Integration, Leadership & Management and Career development at all levels. Many of these fields have developed greatly in recent years often producing their own set of models and languages, which must be learned and understood. Facet5 is a model of personality, which allows managers to understand how people differ in their behavior, motivation, attitudes and aspirations. It is based on recent developments in personality theory and management development and yet is simple and practical to use. Facet5 can be applied in all of these areas and can provide a common language. The simplicity and robustness of Facet5 makes it ideal for use in any situation where individual differences are important. Personnel professionals and line management alike can use it to understand and manage staff individually and in teams. It also provides a solid structure for individuals to learn about themselves, their interactions with others and the strategies available to ensure effective teamwork. Facet5 works at all levels from individual assessment through selection, recruitment and team integration. Facet5 can even be extended to understand culture and values at a team or corporate level. The web based Facet5 process means that questionnaires can be accessed globally and reports are available immediately the questionnaire is completed on the web. All output is presented on screen with powerful graphical displays of key data. The Facet5 system will produce:

• An overall Facet5 profile
• A breakdown into 13 sub-factors
• Impression Management statistics
• A 'family portrait' summarising the key points

In addition, a fully formatted report can be downloaded in .pdf format and can be printed or emailed as required.

Stress Scan
Manage your Stress before it manages you.

In an ever increasing climate of global competition and technological advances, organizations are looking for the type of resilient workforce who can maintain and increase their productivity using the latest technological advances to create value in their services. However as people living through such times, it is not difficult to see why 50% of workers on the average rate their jobs as being very or extremely stressful that affects their work/family balance and overall health.

In a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School , the institute for Health and Productivity Management, and Unilever explored the link between employee lifestyle health and productivity. Sponsored by Standard Life Healthcare and Philips, 2,300 (600 pilot group, 1,700 control group) employees participated in a comprehensive employee wellness and health promotion program. Compared to the control group, employees participating in the workplace health programs experienced, on average, a 5.9-hour reduction in short-term disability per employee and self-reported performance improvement of 2%. These improvements represent a gain of over 2 days a year in actual productive time.

This goes to show that keeping ourselves resilient in challenging times is key to our performance and productivity. As organizations manage their staff and develop their talents - it should not be surprising that employee's physical health and well-being can have tremendous bottom line results including promoting retention, reduced costs due to health insurance, accidents, absenteeism and improved performance and productivity. The thought of managing stress before it manages you is an integral part of our efforts to keep a vibrant, resilient and productive society.

People Index
PeopleInsight measures 17 critical competencies helping you to recognise, understand and manage your emotions and behaviour effectively. PeopleIndex is a comprehensive self-assessment tool designed to measure a view of Emotional Intelligence.

PeopleInsight is based on the most widely accepted model of Emotional Intelligence and assesses the following areas:
• Self Awareness
• Social Awareness
• Self Management
• Relationship Management

This self-assessment tool provides a rigorous and in-depth report of strengths and developmental needs on critical social, interpersonal and communications competencies. The individual report gives feedback on each competency with a graphical comparison of self perceptions compared to the normative database (currently 2,000 employees) and includes a developmental action plan section.

PeopleIndex is ideal for use in executive coaching, senior management/executive development programs, supervisory and management training, and developmental programs for employees at all levels of the organisation.

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