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A consulting company which specialises in human resource management, industrial relations, performance improvement, executive search and mergers & acquisitions. P.O.D. has served clients since 1994 and has a reservoir of experienced consultants who have been carefully selected on the basis of experience, track record and quality delivery. With a highly effective networking system and personal contacts at senior level, P.O.D. has gained rapid inroads into some 300 large and medium-sized companies for business and consulting opportunities.


• Business Planning and Strategy
• Strategic Mapping and Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

HR Mergers & Acquisitions

• Mergers, Takeovers or Acquisition of Business
• Resizing, Downsizing or Re-Structuring
• Employment Regulations
• Harmonisation of Compensation & Benefits

HR Management

• Employee Engagement Survey
• Position Profiling, Work and Job Design
• Workforce Planning and Implementation

Job Evaluation & Salary Structuring

• Job Evaluation & Job Grading
• Internal and External Equity Benchmarking
• Salary Structuring & Harmonization

Terms And Conditions Of Service

• Non Cash Components Or Company Benefits
• Harmonize Past Practices To Offer Of Employment Letter
• Benchmark against Market Practices and Cost Quantifications

Talent & Succession Planning

• Talent Identification and Development
• Career Management and Pathway
• Succession Planning and Talent Pool

Industrial Relations

• Performance Improvement Plans
• Downsizing and Retrenchments
• Terminations and Dismissals
• Outplacement Assistance Programme

Performance & Rewards

• Performance Management Cycle
• Performance Management Issues
• Performance Management System
• Reward Management Philosophy & System

Organization Design

• Process Flow of Work Activities
• Clustering of Work Activities and Re-Structuring
• Structure Choice - Hierarchical, Matrix, Lattice or SBUs

HR Audit & Risk Assessment

• Assessment of leadership and management competencies
• Employee engagement, turnover risk and succession planning
• Career pathways
• Assessment of HR systems, policies and potential industrial relations risks

Business Growth

• Business Planning And Strategies
• SWOT Analysis
• Critical Numbers For Growth

HR Grooming & I.P.O

• IPO Guidance on HKEX and KLSE
• Coordinate with Investment Bankers on Listing Options
• Design Employee Share Option Scheme