HR Audit & Risk Assessment

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HR Audit & Risk Assessment

A key challenge to productivity and performance is the level of leadership and management competencies. There is a need for competencies analysis with a view of closing the gaps. This will then guide training and development as well as specific on-the-job training.

Management needs to assess the level of employee engagement as studies have shown that this is related to employee turnover if not addressed in time. Loss of productivity resulting from employee turnover and recruitment are costly to the organisation.

Career planning and succession will ensure retention of high potential talents in the organisation. Hence career pathways within the organisation need to be mapped out carefully for the future.

The presence (or conversely the absence) of HR systems, policies and procedures will go a long way to address potential industrial relations risks which if not addressed will cause expensive downtime and conciliation or legal proceedings under strict Malaysian Labour Laws. There is an urgent need to address these “HR gaps”.

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