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Career Profile Inventory

The Career Profile Online is a brief self-scored online career interest instrument suitable for employees at all levels of the organization. This theory-based and validated career interest inventory provides targeted feedback in three areas, providing a complete profile of an employee's career stage, interests, motivational anchors, job/career path preferences, and political acumen style.

The Career Profile Inventory Scales Include:

Career Stage
• Entry
• Development
• Balanced
• Exploration

Career Path Preference
• Managerial
• Specialist
• Generalist
• Entrepreneurial

Political Style Orientation
• Promoter
• Strategist
• Team Player
• Independent Player

Identify the True Career Path Preferences of Your Employees

The Career Profile Online is composed of 40 questions measuring the respondent's current situation ("The Way it is Now") and compared to the way he/she would like it to be ("The Way I'd Prefer it to Be"). Administration takes approximately 20-30 minutes and the feedback results are automatically available online. The comprehensive summary feedback report compares and contrasts current to ideal preferences in career stage, path preference and political style orientation. By analyzing the "gaps" you will quickly identify the causes of employee satisfaction resulting in increased productivity and retention....and reduced turnover.

Use it for Coaching, Training or Career Management

The Career Profile Online is an ideal assessment tool to be used for executive and management coaching, career counseling, outplacement, employee development, performance evaluation, succession planning, and supervisory training, and management development programs. The Career Profile Online report also includes an action plan to support career and professional development goal worksheet.

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