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Business Growth

P.O.D. has been engaged on several occasions to go beyond HR services and consultancies. Business owners or board of directors are looking into ways of growing their businesses in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world where disruptions and changes are a constant.

Business owners are guided through several steps such as the shaping of the Business Plan and formulation of Business Strategies which results in Critical Numbers for the business survival or growth. The Critical Numbers are further downloaded into key priorities which in turn result in key performance indicators (kpis). P.O.D. uses a cloud-based software to monitor and control quarterly results as well as "align" key employees to the business goals and objectives. There is a system of accountability where key employees have ownership as well as teamwork and problem solving is fostered.

Employee engagement surveys can be designed and executed with great efficiencies. Reports can be generated at anytime and accessible anywhere as well as a corporate and personal dashboards are available for tracking purposes. Hence, business growth whether above average or stretched growths are being targeted for.

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