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The ViewSuite360 offers a range of quality 360 degree feedback tools designed for both individuals and teams and are ideal for running in-house 360 degree feedback assessment projects.

The software allows you to:
• Print out questionnaires
• Enter data
• Import data collected on-line
• Process results instantaneously
• Print off full color reports
• Customize coaching notes
• Use norms or actual scores
• Line or bar graphs

The software integrates well with our on-line scoring systems. On completion of a project, simply download the data file and open with the software to produce individual reports and organisational analysis. In addition to being able to print feedback reports from the software, the ViewSuite360 range allows feedback of results to individuals via our ReportViewer360 software, or the program software itself. Facilitators providing feedback can have the software installed on a laptop and rather than show all data at once users have the ability to bring up results in a staged process. For example showing the self scores for comment first, before that of team members, seniors or colleagues and then drilling down into the factors under each competency.

The 360 degree tools available are :
• ExecutiveView360
• ManagerView360
• PerformanceView360
• TeamView360
• LeaderView360
• EmotionalIntelligenceView360

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